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It has taken a long time to prepare our patterns for sale to you. Although they are standard rigs, the very many small design changes we hope will have have contributed to the long line of these designs.

  We have tested all our holster designs thouroughly from concept through field, range, and carry. Some prototypes are on mission overseas right now, even. We believe these holsters to be among the very best made today.

  We make all our products in a variety of leathers. Contrary to what you may have heard, none of them are better than another, but instead, each type of leather has a practical asset for the particular use pllanned.

Cowhide, or skirting leathers are great for definition, being able to be molded deeply. Being able to hand bone this deeply allows great retention, and good looks. This makes it a great occassional casual holster.

Bullhide is slightly stiffer than regualr vegetable tanned cowhide. It will stay firmer longer,  too. Bullhide leather works very well for an everyday carry situation.

Horsehide is considered by many to be the perfect holster material. Its density ensures against abrasion, and moisture. This leather makes for great everyday use, and will stand up to mission critical situations.

Bridle leather...I don't know why other makers do not use it. For us, it makes the ideal leather holster. Good weight, and stiffness, combined with drum tanning, makes for one rugged and dependable holster. The added premium is its good looks. This is a fine looking dress holster.

We use heavier leathers than many makers. Bone folding these leathers does not leave as deep an impression on the outside of the holster, but our molding process ensures tight retention inside.