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Gun Belts

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I prefer to call these "Concealed Carry Platforms". Ideal for everyday carry. These gunbelts are made from an outer layer of Bridle leather, the Premium strap leather available and lined with natural cowhide. I would match these belts to any on the market today. There's nothing more important in gunleather than a good platform.  

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Holsters & Accessories

15.jpeg pancake-holste

The Law Man 

This western styled holster is made with 9/10 oz saddle skirting. Welted edge for clean draw, and reholstering. It will fit any belt width up to 4 inches. Clean styling. Fits 5" and 7" barrels. Fits most SA .45s


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Bullhide Throated Pancake Holster

The pancake style holster is our best seller. Comfortable to wear all day. 15-degree cant for good presentation.

The bullhide is tough. We hope this one gets to be your favorite, too. This is the workingman's holster.

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